Growing up I was definitely a chubby-ish kid, I liked food...a lot. 

I was active, I'd play outside and participate in sports at school, but I was always self-conscious.


When I was 17, I discovered bodybuilding and it changed EVERYTHING! 

I realized I could sculpt my body to look exactly how I wanted.


At 18, I enrolled in college and got my first Personal Training Certification.


In 2007, I started competing in Figure/Fitness competitions and fell in love with the 'Sport of Aesthetics'. 


In 2011, I was the 1st Canadian female sponsored by Optimum Nutrition. Team ON Canada in the house! 


In 2012, I won my WBFF Figure Pro Card.


In 2015, I moved to Whistler BC and took a break from competing.

I became a snowboard bum...and I got married to the most amazing man!!


2016-2018 were learning years, I've intensely studied life coaching, mindset, psychology pertaining to weight-loss and I studied myself.


At the end of 2018, I decided to re-focus, re-commit, and re-build! 


My mission now is to EDUCATE, COACH & INSPIRE. 


I want to produce value for my clients and help as many people as possible blow their own minds and achieve ALL their GOALS.




2020 - Let's make it your year;)

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