Saturday April 10th, 2021   

1 - 5pm PST 


Are you ready to change your life? 

Learn the tools to life coach, nutrition coach and train yourself all in one workshop!

Join, Master Coach, Lylas Leona for this 4 hour virtual experience, where she teaches you how to master your mindset, macronutrition and muscle development. 

Are you in?


Learning to be aware of your thoughts and feelings changes everything. From awareness you can purposefully choose to think thoughts that serve YOU, and then anything becomes possible!


When you find the right nutrition formula for your goals, its magic! Energy, weight-loss, muscle development and recovery become simple. Nutrition is a language that you can LEARN.


Training for strength, longevity and functionality is fundamental. BUT when you start training to sculpt your body to look a certain way, exercise becomes art and you become The Sculptor!

What you get...

Immediately after you register you will receive email confirmation with the PDF 100+ page workbook as well as the workshop zoom link.

On April 10th, 2021 you will join me for an in-depth afternoon workshop on all things personal transformation! I will take you through the exercises and give you life examples, as well as answer all your questions. 

This workbook is thorough, it has ALL of the knowledge you need to up level your body and your life! I highly suggest reading through it before the workshop, write down your questions and bring them to the live event!

Your transformation can start today.

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