Are You Ready To Transform?

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January 11, 2021

Are you ready for a change?

My mission is this program will be the LAST weight loss program you will EVER need.

This program is different, it changes everything!

Over the course’s 16 Weeks I will teach you...

WHY is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off.

WHY we constantly negotiate with ourselves about food and exercise. 

WHY we stop setting goals because we don't trust ourselves to follow through.

WHY we like to eat...especially when we feel stressed or emotional.

WHY working out is NOT the best way to lose weight. 

HOW to work WITH your female hormones, and how to take control of your insulin levels.

HOW to eat for fuel and not for entertainment.

HOW to figure out what foods work with YOUR body to achieve YOUR goals.

HOW to manage your mind and choose long-term results over instant pleasure.

HOW to love yourself more and STOP people pleasing.

HOW to STOP thinking about food all of the time. 

To BELIEVE it is possible for YOU to have the body you want and keep it forever.

To BELIEVE it is possible to achieve BIGGER goals. 

To BELIEVE whatever serves you the best. 

To BELIEVE that there is more out there for YOU then the weight-loss struggle.


"For years, I had been going through the motions of life, but never felt like my best self; physically and mentally. Always wanting to make a change, but never really knowing how to start, I came across the 16 Week Online Transformation Program and was immediately drawn to what it had to offer.⁣

I have lost 18 lbs and gained more confidence then I could have ever anticipated. This truly has been a transformation!"


"Thank you so much Lylas for putting out a stellar program and providing the perfect combination of support, encouragement and tough love that I needed!

I’ve learnt so much about myself and my mindset!⁣ 16 weeks is one of the longest programs I’ve signed up for but it was never daunting! It easily became my new normal. Although I will miss the Monday coaching calls and the inspiration they give me, I know I’ve got it figured out now!"


“I just wanted to thank you so much! The transformation program is really great and you are an awesome coach! I have learned so much about myself and food!

I definitely want to continue building a great body I can be proud of! I get on the scale now pretty much every day! I am amazed that I was able to drop 12lbs in 16 weeks after not being able to drop 1lb in 5years!"


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What's Included?

PDF Welcome Guide

4 x PDF Workbooks (Over 400 pages of content and exercises!)

6 x One on one Coaching Calls with Lylas 

16 x Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Lylas

20 Weeks of Unlimited Access to Lylas Leona's Fitness APP

4 x Monthly Workouts Designed to Assist Weight Loss with Video Instruction

24/7 Personal Messaging and Support 


Course Content

Phase 1

Week 1 - Why is working out and eating right so hard? The Motivational Triad, human history.

Week 2 - Goal Setting, future thinking-2.0, why it’s so important & how it guarantees success!

Week 3 - Commitment (to your calendar/yourself/protocol) - STOP the grab-ASS;)

Week 4 - Self Care/Love - How putting yourself first will improve your life & those around you.

Phase 2 

Week 5 - Believing it’s possible. Leaving past proof in the past, find new proof.

Week 6 - Marcos, what you need to know about protein, fat, carbohydrates & electrolytes.

Week 7 - Desire, shifting desire from food and comfort to desire on purpose.

Week 8 - People Pleasing, eating and drinking because OTHER people want/expect you too.

Phase 3

Week 9 - Altering protocols, adding meals, cycling macros and getting results!

Week 10 - Impossible goals, setting them and believing anyways;)

Week 11 - Negative emotion, fear ~ anger ~ anxiety ~ guilt ~ sadness ~ depression

Week 12 - Emotion on purpose, how to DECIDE how you want to feel, and DO it!

Phase 4

Week 13 - Confidence, in all you do - how to create it and live it.

Week 14 - My teachers, introduction to my coaches and their teachings.

Week 15 - Old habits die hard, how NOT to slip back into old habits.

Week 16 - Now What?, planning for continued success all on your own, fly little bird