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Join me, Lylas Leona - WNBF Figure PRO & Certified Competition Judge, for the 2023 Comp Prep Clinic December 5, 2022.

2023 Comp Prep Clinic

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2019 WNBF Vancouver BC / WNBF PRO Edmonton AB 

"In the beginning I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when Lylas and I discussed competing. I’ve always had an interest in training in the gym, but never had any real fitness goals. With Lylas’s expertise knowledge on fitness and nutrition she got me to the best physique I’ve ever been in my life. Going through prep I started to really appreciate all the work that goes into competing. It was the hardest thing I have ever put my mind and body through for sure.

I had a lot of doubts in myself of course, but with Lylas’s encouragement, strength and faith in me, I overcame that fear and got up on that stage! Looking back, show day still seems a bit of a blur. It was both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. Now I know that I can not only compete, but go out there and win, I can’t wait to get back up there. Training with Lylas has inspired me to set new goals in life and in the competing world. I have become stronger and more confident and one day I hope to be like the boss lady she is!"


2019 WNBF Eugene, Oregon

"Working with Lylas has been transformative in so many ways. I'm blown away at the amount of positive change that's occurred since enlisting her guidance. My relationship with exercise, with food, and with myself have all changed for the better.

The workouts and nutrition plans are accessible, easy to follow, and flexible enough to be done in my own time. As challenging moments came up Lylas was attentive and supportive, always encouraging me to find solutions that work for my body and my life. I always felt like I was part of the planning process and in control of my results. 

Lylas has amazing insight, vast knowledge in the field, is always in the midst of learning more and keeping up to date on the science and is obviously very passionate herself about the sport of bodybuilding and aesthetics.

The journey was challenging but absolutely worth it and would not have been possible without professional coaching. For anyone who is ready to prioritize themselves, get in shape, feel amazing, and learn the intricacies of health and fitness as it pertains to their body, I highly recommend getting involved with Lylas Leona.


2019 WNBF Vancouver BC

"My fitness journey with Lylas has been nothing short of extraordinary. From day one, she believed in my ability, potential and determination to achieve my goal of competing in my first Bikini competition. 

Throughout our training, Lylas coached me out of my comfort zone (way outside) to push me to greater heights. Her consistent support and guidance had me seeing amazing results from the beginning. Her warm candour coupled with her expertise in the sport allowed my fitness journey to blossom.

Lylas is a remarkable coach who is extremely knowledgeable. She also happens to be a lot of fun! Even on days that were challenging , she was always there to answer questions and provide encouragement to keep going. The results speak for themselves. I am immensely grateful for my time with this fantastic, skilled, and inspirational coach."


2018 BCABBA Kelowna Classic BC

"August 2017 I began training with Lylas for my first fitness competition, and 9 months later I walked on stage. Lylas was incredible to work with and the experience tested me on every level: spiritually, emotionally and physically. It was me against myself and pushing my own limits. Looking forward to rocking the stage again in 2019 and defining a new personal best!"


2018 BCABBA Kelowna Classic BC

"Since my twenties, one of my lifetime goals has always been to compete in Fitness. In July of 2017 I met Lylas, and it was my lucky day! With her excellent personal training and precise nutrition planning skills, we started to make my dream come true. I enjoyed every moment of my early morning workouts and gave it my all. Lylas always supported and encouraged me to push, to beat my personal best! So I did! After 10 months of dedication and discipline, I had lost an astonishing 23-lbs and over 15% body fat. I was ready! I competed in the Kelowna Classic in May 2018 and placed 5th, with my 52 year old body! Competition preparation and show day was very exiting and lots of fun. A very unique experience, especially the tanning and stage presentation routine aspect. 


​I am so thankful to Lylas for all her guidance, knowledge and her passion."


2018 BCABBA Kelowna Classic BC

2017 IDFA Vancouver BC

"Working with Lylas as a coach for two years on preparing for bodybuilding competitions I found out how passionate she is about her work. She puts all her energy, knowledge, professionalism, experience, time and efforts to lead her clients to success and their achievements are the most important thing for her. I appreciate Lylas’s coaching for bringing me to the higher level of my life, where I not only got the best physical shape I ever had and became a successful competitive athlete, but also changed my mindset and learned how to reach my goals in other fields of my life. 

She inspired me to believe in myself and not give up when it’s getting hard. I’ve learned from her many new healthy habits which I implemented in my life and it helps me a lot to stay fit, strong and energetic. Getting ready for a competition is a huge challenge and it’s definitely much more relaxing and comfortable if you know that you have such a great coach as Lylas who can give all the support you need at that time."



2017 IDFA Vancouver BC

"I had the privilege of working with Lylas for my first competition. Her knowledge of the sport was invaluable when it came to understanding the entire process and what to expect pre-post competition. From workouts to meal plans, posing and even hair, make up and tanning; she was there walking me through it all. I don't believe I would have fell in love with this sport if it wasn't for her guidance the first time around. 

I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for the experience she gave me!"


2017 IDFA Montreal QC

"Working with Lylas was the best choice I ever made, I had a goal, and she helped me CRUSH it! Competing in my first bikini competition was so much more than just getting lean, glammed up and posing on stage. To me, it was about building self confidence, facing a fear of being centre of attention, and seeing just how much I could transform my body. Of course getting my hair, makeup and tan professionally done the day of competition made me feel like a million bucks, on top of everything else! 

Lylas was there for me every step of the way! She built me programs that were catered to my needs and never failed to cha​llenge me. She's a tough cookie and that's what I needed. She held me accountable with my diet, and taught me SO much about proper nutrition.

Competition day was so much more then I could have ever expected! The amazing energy on and off stage, meeting like minded individuals, and just the general attitude of all the girls back stage rooting for one another, was incredible. Even though Lylas wasn't with me show day, she was with me via text and phone WHENEVER I needed! This was huge!! I learned so much from her, she helped me grow as an individual, and I also gained a new respect for all the people that step on stage. It's not easy, but if you have the drive, the dedication, the heart and a good coach, you are sure to come out on top. 

Much love for my coach and friend Lylas!"


2016/2018 IDFA Brandon MB

"I began my journey with intent of weight loss and fitness, as I began to see results, I knew I wanted more! I decided I wanted to compete in Figure by the age of 60.  I found Lylas during my search for a trainer who could help me achieve my goals naturally. After meeting with her, I immediately knew she was going to be my choice! Her knowledge and honesty sealed the deal. 

After many workouts, nutrition plans, posing practises & coaching calls I took to the stage in May 2016. I felt so confident, I looked and felt amazing! I took home 2 x 1st Place trophies, I was thrilled!! We continued to train focusing on muscle development and overall health. I hit the stage again in 2018 doing 2 shows and placing 2nd in both!

I am now 63 years young and in top form, I still workout regularly and focus on muscle development.  Lylas has taught me so much about body & nutrition. She was incredible for creating nutritional flexibility and working around my dislikes. Lylas is not only my trainer, she has become a good friend! She is always available when I have questions or concerns and I would never hesitate to contact her for help with my future goals. Definitely one of the best trainers in the business!!!"