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#58 - Empowered Beliefs

"Empowered belief is the root of an empowered life." ~Lylas Leona

Join Lylas for the eighth episode in the empowerment series as she talks about empowered beliefs. What it means, why it's important and how you can empower YOUR beliefs.

Let's Go!

(02:31) - The first winner of the LSL Anniversary Contest Series is announced-Congrats Ainslie!
(03:34) - Lylas launches the next contest in the series.
(05:51) - She defines belief.
(06:43) - Lylas shares what empowered beliefs look like.
(08:36) - She gives examples of what disempowered beliefs look like.
(09:12) - How we can use empowered beliefs in our lives.
(11:28) - What empowered actions look like.
(13:08) - Three questions to help us find empowered beliefs.
(19:49) - Lylas encourages us to let our brains go to work on all the things that are possible for us.

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Winner will be announced on November 09, 2022 episode. The lucky winner will be personally emailed and get a special limited edition of Lady Sculpt tank top.

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