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Lady Sculpt Lifestyle

Lady Sculpt Lifestyle

Hosted by: Lylas Leona

Live a purposeful life in a body you love. Join Pro Athlete, Muscle Development, Nutrition and Life Coach, Lylas Leona, as she shares her personal journey out of the world of on/off seasons, yo yo diets and all...

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#38 - You VS You

I am a competitive person by nature, but everything changed when I started competing with myself. Learn to embrace the You VS You mentality and see how fast you grow. Let's go!
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#37 - Other Peoples Opinions

Are you someone who cares too much about other people opinions? Are you holding back on your goals, dreams and opportunities because of what other people might think? Join Lylas for this episode as we debunk other...
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#36 - Competition Life

What to expect life to be like for your first competition.  ~ Nutrition  ~ Training ~ Posing ~ Social Life ~ Support We talk about all of it!
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#35 - Your First Competition Budget

Join Lylas for this in depth conversation about budgeting for your first show.  Prepare yourself to invest in you!
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#34 - Shoes, Suits, Hair & Make Up

Everything you need to know from the perspective of an athlete, a coach and a judge.
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#33 - How To Select Your Category

Bikini, Fitness Model, Figure, Fit Body, Fitness, Physique, Body Building...where do you fit? [ Competition Prep ]
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#32 - How To Pick Your First Show

Are you ready to compete and now it's time to pick your first show? Which federation is best for you? What's the difference? Join Lylas as she shares years of experience in this info packed episode.
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#31 - How To Hire A Comp Prep Coach

Before you hire a comp prep coach listen to this episode. In this episode I offer you a number of things to consider, questions to ask and what to look for in your next coach.   
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#30 - How To Train Your Body For A Competition

Do you have your sights set on competition? Start with this episode. 
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#29 - Strong Is The New Sexy

Forget trying to be sexy... Let's teach our girls to be strong, confident and empowered! This starts with us.  
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#28 - How To Train For Your Age

How to train through your years... What to focus on if you are in your 20's, 30's 40's or 50+ years. This is an episode you don't want to miss! 
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#27 - When To Rest and Take Breaks

When was the last time you took a break from the gym? Join Master Coach Lylas Leona and discover how to strategically plan workout breaks to amplify your program results. As well as when a rest from the gym might be...
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