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#65 - Sculpt Kitchen

Join Lylas in this behind the scenes episode as she takes you through her current Nutrition Protocol and how she is creating her sugar detox with recipes from the Sculpt Kitchen.

Let's go!

(00:49) - The fourth and final winner of the LSL Anniversary Contest Series-Congrats Brette!
(02:08) - Where to find the Sculpt Kitchen and how to subscribe to Friday Coach Treats.
(02:58) - Follow our new Instagram, @LadySculptLifestyle
(03:43) - A tour of the Sculpt Kitchen and how it works.
(05:49) - Lylas shares her current protocol and which recipe she is using for her sugar detox.
(15:24) - A quick look at recipes for hosting and taking to parties.
(16:26) - "Whatever your body goal is, consistency with food is really important." ~ Lylas Leona

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