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#61 - Comp Prep Goals - Team Sculpt

Is one of your 2023 goals to step on a competition stage? If so, this episode is for you!
Everything you need to know about deciding to compete, setting a timeline and how Team Sculpt Comp Prep works.

Let's Go!

(00:28) - A brief review of Lady Sculpt Lifestyle 1 year anniversary contest details
(03:35) - Is Competition Prep a good fit for you for 2023. Lylas outlines things to consider.
(10:21) - How to set up a timeframe for Comp Prep. She gives examples.
(17:00) - How Team Sculpt works and what it includes.
(23:17) - Lylas reminds everyone about the Comp Prep Clinic on December 5, 2022. She gives overview on topics that will be discussed.

Show Links:
December 5th Comp Prep Clinic
3 Step Guide

Contest Details:   
1.) Leave a review on Lady Sculpt Lifestyle podcast in whatever podcasting platform you use. A previous review is okay too.
2.) Take a screenshot of it.
3.) Email the screenshot at [email protected] until December 02, 2022

Lucky winner will be announced on 2022 December 7th and will get a exclusive Lady Sculpt Tank Top and
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