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#63 - Nutrition Protocol Creation Guide

The foundational nutrition concepts behind Lylas Leona's self correcting weight loss strategy. If your goal is weight loss, this free downloadable guide is the perfect place to start.
Let's Go!

(02:12) - What is a nutrition protocol.
(02:56) - Why a nutrition protocol is important.
(05:18) - Lylas points out things to note in the Nutrition Protocol Creation Guide.
(05:38) - Bonus, Macro Nutrition Cheat Sheet.
(07:10) - Instant Gratification Desire VS Weekly Nutrition Protocol
(08:56) - Lylas outlines questions to ask yourself at the end of each week of protocol.
(11:05) - How to download your Nutrition Protocol Creation Guide.
(12:13) - Lylas discusses minimum nutrition targets.
(16:59) - How to register for January 2023's Transformation Program.
(17:14) - How to choose your nutrition lifestyle. Intermittent Fasting vs. Multi Mini Meals
(21:58) - Reminder of Friday Coach Treats.

Show links:
Nutrition Protocol Creation Guide
The 16-Week Transformation Program
Friday Coach Treats

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