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Lady Sculpt Lifestyle

Lady Sculpt Lifestyle

Hosted by: Lylas Leona

Live a purposeful life in a body you love. Join Pro Athlete, Muscle Development, Nutrition and Life Coach, Lylas Leona, as she shares her personal journey out of the world of on/off seasons, yo yo diets and all...

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#30 - How To Train Your Body For A Competition

Do you have your sights set on competition? Start with this episode. 
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#29 - Strong Is The New Sexy

Forget trying to be sexy... Let's teach our girls to be strong, confident and empowered! This starts with us.  
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#28 - How To Train For Your Age

How to train through your years... What to focus on if you are in your 20's, 30's 40's or 50+ years. This is an episode you don't want to miss! 
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#27 - When To Rest and Take Breaks

When was the last time you took a break from the gym? Join Master Coach Lylas Leona and discover how to strategically plan workout breaks to amplify your program results. As well as when a rest from the gym might be...
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#26 - How To Be More Consistent

Do you struggle to get your workouts done regularly? Do you always start the week with good intentions, only to end the week thinking 'I'll do better next week'? This podcast is for you!  Also, WHY consistency is so...
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#25 - Periodization

Have you been training for a while with subpar results? Do you want to fast track your progress? This strategy works!
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#24 - How To Sculpt Your Body

The art of body sculpting is what made me fall in love with weight training ~ Have you ever wished for a smaller waist, a rounder bum, firmer thighs or just an overall tighter look? IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU! Let me walk...
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#23 - Mind Muscle Connection

Want more out of your workouts? Want better, faster, bigger gains? Join Lylas for this lesson in mind muscle connection and up-levelling your workouts.  Email your questions to [email protected]  
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#22 - How To Build Muscle - Top 5

Are you struggling to shape your body the way you want? Have you been trying to build muscle for sometime? Lylas gives you her Top 5 Muscle Building Tips. Email - [email protected]  
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#21 - What Is Muscle Development?

Do you want to change the shape of your body? Do you want to feel strong and capable? Do you want more confidence? This episode is for you! What is muscle development and why should you add it to your routine. Let's...
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#20 - How To Eliminate Sugar

SUGAR...most of us consume too much. Are you addicted to sugar? Do you feel like you have a sugar 'monster' living inside you? Join Lylas for this extended episode on why we desire concentrated carbohydrates and what...
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#19 - What To Do...When You 'Fall Off"

It's after the holidays, Or a weekend away, Or a stressful week at work, You've eaten all the food and drank all the wine... Now what? A new look on how to put yourself back on track without the self loathing. Create...
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