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#60 - 2023 Goals

Join Lylas for this goal setting episode. Why having goals are important. How to overcome fear of setting goals. And how Lylas and Lady Sculpt can help you achieve your 2023 goals.

Let's Go!

(02:53) - Why goals are important.
(03:48) - How to set goals.
(07:43) - Lylas encourages us to make a small habit change and gives examples of goals.
(09:01) - She talks about how Sculpt Strategy Plan helps to set goals.
(10:14) - She guides us on how to create Sculpt Strategy Plan.
(13:39) - Lylas gives overview on upcoming podcast topics that will help us achieve 2023 goals.
(13:54) - She provides questions to ponder in setting up your goals.

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2023 January - 16 Week Transformation Program

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