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#59 - Empowering Others

Join Lylas for the last episode in The Empowerment Series. How to empower the people around you including our young people. 

Let's go!

(02:18) - The second winner of the LSL Anniversary Contest Series is announced - Congrats Christine Marbury!
(03:01) - Lylas launches the next contest in the series - Part 3
Details on how to enter below.
(04:24) - How to spot disempowered people in our lives.
(07:11) - Three ways to empower the people around us. 
(17:47) - She encourages us to live an empowered life, empower the people around us and reminds us that empowerment takes practice.

Contest Details:   
1.) Leave a review on Lady Sculpt Lifestyle podcast in whatever podcasting platform you use. A previous review is okay too.
2.) Take a screenshot of it.
3.) Email the screenshot at [email protected].

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