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BONUS - Growing Pains

Welcome to 2023!

Join Lylas for this bonus episode as she shares some of the 'growing pains' she is experiencing both in her personal and business life. On the other side of growing pains you are taller, stronger and more resilient!

Let's go!

(01:01) - Lylas opens up about stepping back to navigate growing pains.
(02:28) - Lylas Leona Fitness transitions into Lady Sculpt Lifestyle Inc.
(03:29) - Why it is important to love ourselves first. 
(07:11) - She guides us how to wipe your slate clean and purposely choose what you add back into your lifestyle.
(10:44) - She shares how to overcome the growing pains and why growing is good.

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Brooke Castillo -The Life Coach School

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